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Our original manufacturing system to introduce a fresh delicious taste

To preserve the wasabi freshness and fine taste Tamaruya Honten have struck the right balance between veteran craftsmen and state of the art machinery.

From wasabi to wasabi preserves


Delivered wasabi is carefully selected by our attentive and passionate staff.


The stems are washed in water to get rid of dust and unwanted particles.


Thinly cut stems are filtered.


In case of the stems they are they marinated in fine salt for one night (in case of roots the time will be shorter).


the roots, and stems are kneaded with sake white lees and seasoning.


The treated wasabi prerves are poured into wooden casks before being capped.


Inspection through automatized system to detect fine unwanted particles and metallic dust.


Packaging is both conducted manually and with machines by our staff. To preserve absolute freshness our products are delivered within 24 hours to shops in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and so on, and to customers all over Japan through the Internet.


Specialised research is
conducted daily within the
walls of our company
to attain the best taste
and quality and product
quality checks.

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