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Tamaruya Honten history
The social conditions of the world
First geeration Mochizuki Torakichi opens a preserved foods manufacture and shop in Hontoori in Shziuoka City. 1875 1876: Birth of siizuoka Prefecture (formerly Suruga Kuni) with its merger with Izu Region and Hamamatsu Prefecture.
Move to the present location (Shizuoka City, Koyamachi), and ensuing succes of wasabi preserves in ekiben/railway packed lunches 1890 First Imperial Conference and Meiji Constitution enforcemen (promulgated the previous year)
Awarded the rights to sell on Shizuoka Railway Station platforms. 1895 Sino-Japan War Victory (started the previous year) and Sin0-Japanese Treaty.
Thought of flat barrels as vessels for wasabi preserves, first sales and earning fame all over the country. 1902 Anglo-Japanese Alliance Agreement. Begining of Japan-Russian War two years later/
Second generation Mochizuki Ootarou. 1918 Rice riots spread all over the country.
Awarded the rights to sell wasai preserves on Shizuoka Railway Station platforms by the Railway copyrights Association. 1932 5.15 Incident.
Change to the name of Tamaruya Honten Co. Ltd 1950 Start of the Japan-Korean War.
Started selling inside rapid trains along the Tokaido Main Line and Sanyo main Line. Started delivering wasabi preserves to Nihon Shokudo Co. Ltd. 1953 NHK first TV brodacast in Tokyo. Popularity of street and shop TV.
Awarded the Agriculture Minister Prize at the National Preserves Concours. 1958 Completion of Tokyo Tower.
Initiated indepedent food sales service at Kabushiki Kaisha Shuufu no Mise (Supermarket) 1959 Iwato Econmy.
Started selling products at Haneda Airport. 1963 Assassination pf Presisent J. F. Kennedy.
Started sellin products inside first Shinkansen bullet trains along the Tokaido Line. 1964 Tokyo Olympics.
Built the Tamaruya Building on present location (Shizuoka City, Koyamachi) lent by the Seibu Department Stores Company. Tamaruya shop on first floor. Moved manufacture to Oshika, Suruga Ku, Shizuoka City. 1970 Japan World Exposition.
Third generation Mochizuku Munenodesignated Head of the Shizuoka Prefecture Producers Association by the Shizuoka Prefecture Governor. 1978 Opening of narita Airport.
Japan-Chinese Peace and Friendship Treaty.
Factory rebuilt in Shimokawahara, Suruga Ku, Shizuoka City. 1980 Gas explosion inside subway shop street in Shizuoka
Station. Iran-Iraq war.
Move to new Company Headquarters in Nakazato, Kita Ku, Tokyo. 1983 First sale of Nitendo "Family Computer".
Opening of Tokyo Disneyland.
Third generation Mochizuki Mineno awarded Yellow ribbon Medal by Prime Minister. 1984 Glico-Morinaga Incident.
Upgrading to mass merchandising. 1986 Prince Charles and Princess Diana visit. Princess Diana Fever.
Chernobyl nuclear plant explosion disaster.
Upgraded as tamaruya Agricultural Devellopment Limited Company. 1987 Privatisation of the Japan railways.
Upgraded busines with the sale of Chazuke, Furikake and other new products. 1988 Opening of the Hakodate Tunnel. First Japan roofed baseball ground (Tokyo Dome).
Creation of consumption tax. 3% from April the following year.
Forth generation Mochizuki Eiichi becomes Head of Shizuoka Prefecture Wasabi Preserves Manufacturers Association. 1990 Accession to the THrone by new Emperor. Reunification of Germany.
Commended by Labor Minister for emplyoying post retirement workers. 1994 Tomiichi Murayama of Socialist Party becomes Prime Minister.
Founded Tamaruya Honten Tourism Development. (STEP IN Tamaruya) 1994 Great hanshin-Awaji Earthquake the following year.
Commended by the Minister of Health and Welfare for advancing food hygiene. 1996 British mad cow disease uproar. Outbreak and expansion of 0157 microbial disease following Okayama Prefecture food poisoning outbreak.
Specified as JAS-recognized agricultural process ccompany. 1997 Consumption tax raised to 5%.
Hong Kong's return to China.
Tamaruya Tourism Development Limited Company integrated into Tamaruya Honten. 2001 911 terrorist incident in the US.
Fifth generation Mochizuki Tetsuyuki takes charge. 2007  
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